Career Training / Education

CTSI Scholars

This program provides protected research support over a maximum of 2 years.  The goal is to provide significant amounts of protected research time to those early career healthcare providers (DO, MD, RN-PhD) seeking to become independent clinical scientists.  Support is intended for those individuals demonstrating intensive engagement in translational research efforts spanning  biomedical, behavioral, or clinical sciences.  Awardees are expected to apply for other extramural research grants.

Career Development Programs

All the health colleges at MSU encourage research training, and include in their curriculum responsible conduct of research, study design, and critical review of the literature, provide formal summer research practicum programs, combined degree programs, combined residency-MS/PhD programs, as well as post doctoral and career development programs.  Some of these are supported by NIH training grants, as well as industry and community partnerships. List of the NIH training programs at MSU.

Research Basics Training Program (RBT)

The online RBT Program has 8 core modules covering basic research methods topics. When taken in sequence, the modules lead the participants through a learning experience that starts with clinicians' need to understand the basics of the research process all the way through dissemination of findings. CHM Office of Research partnering with Graduate Medical Education (GMEI) developed this course for early investigators including medical students, graduate medical education trainees, faculty, MSU-affiliated clinicians and community practitioners across the state. More information...

Graduate Certificate Programs to Support Community Engagement, Clinical and Translational Research

Graduate Certification in Community Engagement is an initiative of University Outreach and Engagement with The Graduate School. The Certification is designed to help graduate and professional students develop systemic, thoughtful, and scholarly approaches to their community engaged work.

Graduate Certificates in the MSU School of Public Health include:
Clinical Research Trials Management, Public Health Informatics, Telehealth/eHealth and Public Health, and under development:
Migrant Populations: A Public Health Perspective, Chronic Disease and Public Health, Public Health Nutrition,
Applied Public Health Research Methods. Program provides all of its courses online in transcriptable and non-transcriptable formats maximizing the ability of a diverse translational research workforce to access these resources.  read more...

Essentials of Research Administration

This program provides on-campus training and certification for research administrators and other support staff who have responsibilities for research proposals, grants, contracts, pre- and post-award administration and related activity at Michigan State University. This training is provided at no cost. Core and Elective Course Descriptions.

Team Science - Online Training Modules and Resources

Northwestern University Clinical and Translational Sciences (NUCATS) Institute created Team Science Online Learning Modules. These modules are grounded in empirical research and theory about the science of team science (SciTS), and the experts interviewed are well-published in that domain. These four modules are intended to help researchers acquire and apply a basic knowledge of team science: 1) The Science of Team Science, 2) Team Science Research Process in Behavioral Science, 3) Team Science Research Process in Basic Medical Science, and 4) Team Science Research Process in Clinical Medical Science.
     Collaboration and Team Science: A Field Guide wins the NIH Plain Language Award.  Visit for preparing yourself for Team Science.
     The National Cancer Institute created a Team Science Toolkit, an interactive web site to help you support, conduct and study team-based research.  The resources included tools, measures, bibliography, blog posts, communication materials, and more.

Additional online modules

Coursera is an education platform that partners with top universities and organizations worldwide and offers massive open online courses (MOOCs) for anyone to take, for free.  MSU-CTSI personnel have identified a sampling of applicable courses to aid in your clinical and translational research.