Office of Clinical Research (OCR)

MSU’s OCR assists research investigators with the development, implementation, management, and completion of clinical research (i.e., investigator-initiated research, clinical trials etc.) conducted at MSU and through its community partner network. OCR expedites the research administration process and facilitates research compliance.

The office is supportive in nature, facilitating research through by making connections, offering assistance, plus providing training and education.


"The MSU Office of Clinical Research provided us with a study map template that outlines what will be done and who will be doing those items, which we then entered into the budget template to help determine our cost. These tools have been a great help to us in preparing the budget and even negotiating the suggested sponsor cost-per-patient to match our actual cost. Their expertise was key to helping us determine the feasibility of the study and identifying the subtle associated costs and subcontracts needed to perform the study." - Julie Lowman, Accountant/Research Administrator, Pediatrics and Human Development, MSU